Peer Review Process

Any submissions to EuSpRIG are first examined by the editor to determine if the paper meets the basic requirements of EuSpRIG and that it fits into either the general scope or specific scope of the relevant call for papers

  • Assuming the paper passes the initial consideration, the paper will be double blind reviewed by at least two domain experts. The identity of authors and reviewers is kept secret from both parties. All communication will be brokered through the editor who also has the final say on requirements around revisions.
  • The usual timeline is dictated by the call for papers which is generally released by October, with deadline submissions in March and notifications in April. Final camera-ready papers are required by early May.
  • Reviewers are domain experts from academia and industry, they represent a truly global panel with reviews conducted by academics and industry experts from all over the world: US, Canada, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Austria and Australia.

Citation statistics

Based on 193 papers published between 2000 and 2019, the total number of citations to this work is just over 2000. The average number of citations per paper is in excess of 10. The top 20 EuSpRIG papers have been cited 1100 times with an average of 55 citations each. Papers that have been around longer are cited more. The number of citations per paper per year shows that our citation performance has remained broadly similar over the two decades, including recently. However, the number of papers submitted has almost halved (70/123 = 56%) in the second of our two decades of operation. The number of papers in the last 5 years is half the number of papers in the first 5 years. Papers that cite EuSpRIG papers are themselves highly cited. The top 20 EuSpRIG papers have been cited by 1100 papers that have themselves been cited over 20,000 times. Net of duplication, we have still been cited directly and indirectly by very many thousands of differing publications.

Costs to publish

All published work is open access, meaning that there is no paywall for accessing the articles published by EuSpRIG. All abstracts and published work can be accessed here There are no costs to the authors of papers, if a paper is accepted, then fees associated with registration, attendance at the conference and publication are waived by EuSpRIG.