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Author ↑↓ Year ↑↓ Category ↑↓ Title ↑↓ Abstract ↑↓ Full Article ↑↓ Presentation ↑↓
Butler, R. J. 2002 Computers and Society The Role of Spreadsheets in the Allied Irish Bank / Allfirst Currency Trading Fraud 0910.2048 PDF
Jafry, Y.,Sidoroff, F.,Chi, R. 2006 Software Engineering A Computational Framework for the Near Elimination of Spreadsheet Risk 0803.1748 PDF
Sentence, B. 2006 Software Engineering A New Approach to Spreadsheet Analytics Management in Financial Markets 0802.2932 PDF
Thorne, S., Ball, D., Lawson, Z. 2004 Human-Computer Interaction A Novel Approach to Formulae Production and Overconfidence Measurement to Reduce Risk in Spreadsheet Modelling 0803.1754 PDF
Grossman, T., Ozluk, O. 2004 Human-Computer Interaction A Paradigm for Spreadsheet Engineering Methodologies 0802.3919 PDF
Grossman, T. A. 2008 Software Engineering A Primer on Spreadsheet Analytics 0809.3586 PDF
Knight, D., 2001 A Real Alternative to Spreadsheets
Rajalingham, K. 2005 A Revised Classification of Spreadsheet Errors PDF
Kumiega, A., VanVliet, B. 2006 Software Engineering A Software Development Methodology for Research and Prototyping in Financial Markets 0803.0162 PDF
Clermont, M., Hanin, C., Mittermeir, R. 2002 Software Engineering A Spreadsheet Auditing Tool Evaluated in an Industrial Context 0805.1741 PDF
Knight, B., Chadwick, D. Rajalingham, K. 2000 Software Engineering A Structured Methodology for Spreadsheet Modelling 0805.4218 PDF
Clermont, M. 2004 Human-Computer Interaction A Toolkit for Scalable Spreadsheet Visualization 0802.3924 PDF
Croll, G.J. 2002 Software Engineering A Typical Spreadsheet Audit Approach 0712.2591 PDF Ppt
Grossman, T. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction Accuracy in Spreadsheet Modelling Systems 0807.3183 PDF
Bishop, B., McDaid, K. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction An Empirical Study of End-User Behaviour in Spreadsheet Error Detection and Correction 0802.3479 PDF
Rajalingham, K. 2001 Computers and Society An Evaluation of a Structured Spreadsheet Development Methodology 0801.1516 PDF
Blayney, P. 2006 Human-Computer Interaction An Investigation of the Incidence and Effect of Spreadsheet Errors Caused by the Hard Coding of Input Data Values into Formulas 0803.0169 PDF
Butler, R. 2001 Software Engineering Applying the Cobit Framework to Spreadsheet Development 0801.0609 PDF
Lemieux, V. 2005 Software Engineering Archiving: The Overlooked Spreadsheet Risk 0803.3231 PDF
Phillips, B. Lesnikov, A. 2003 Atebion’s Answer to Mathematical Modelling
Nash, J., Smith, N., Adler, A. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction Audit and Change Analysis of Spreadsheets 0807.3168 PDF
Perry, E. 2008 Software Engineering Automating Spreadsheet Discovery and Risk Assessment 0809.3016 PDF
Bach, P. 2007 Awareness and Market Changes on the Control of End User Computing Risk Management
Hellman, Z. 2005 Human-Computer Interaction Breaking out of the Cell: On the Benefits of a New Spreadsheet User-Interaction Paradigm 0803.1875 PDF
Hawker, A. 2000 Software Engineering Building Financial Accuracy into Spreadsheets 0805.4219 PDF
Madahar, M., Cleary, P., Ball, D. 2007 Computers and Society Categorisation of Spreadsheet Use within Organisations: A Progress Report 0801.3119 PDF
Rajalingham, K., Chadwick, D., Knight, B. 2000 Software Engineering Classification of Spreadsheet Errors 0805.4224 PDF
Siersted, M. 2003 Code Tracer: A Spreadsheet Visualisation and Analysis Concept
Baker, K., Powell, S., Lawson, B., Foster-Johnson, L. 2006 Human-Computer Interaction Comparison of Characteristics and Practices Among Spreadsheet Users With Different Levels of Experience 0803.0168 PDF
Murphy, S. 2005 Software Engineering Comparison of Spreadsheets with Other Development Tools (Limitations, Solutions, Workrounds and Alternatives) 0801.3853 PDF
Bregar, A. 2004 Software Engineering Complexity Metrics for Spreadsheet Models 0802.3895 PDF
Hodnigg, K., Mittermeir, R., Clermont, M. 2004 Human-Computer Interaction Computational Models of Spreadsheet-Development Basis for Educational Approaches 0801.4274 PDF
Thorne, S., Ball, D., Lawson, Z. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Concerning the Feasibility of Example Driven Modelling Techniques 0802.3477 PDF
Thorne, S., Ball, D. 2006 Human-Computer Interaction Considering functional spreadsheet operator usage suggests the value of Example Driven Modelling for Decision Support Systems 0803.0164 PDF
Chambers, J., Hamill, J. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction Controlling End User Computing Applications – A Case Study 0809.3595 PDF
Samar, V., Patni, S. 2005 Human-Computer Interaction Controlling the Information Flow in Spreadsheets 0803.2527 PDF
Pryor, L. 2003 Software Engineering Correctness is Not Enough 0808.2045 PDF
Ayalew, Y., Clermont, M., Mittermeir, R. 2000 Software Engineering Detecting Errors in Spreadsheets 0805.1740 PDF
Powell., S.G., Baker K.R., Lawson, B. 2005 Developing an Auditing Protocol for Spreadsheet Models
Payette, R. 2006 Human-Computer Interaction Documenting Spreadsheets 0803.0165 PDF
Purser, M., Chadwick, D. 2006 Human-Computer Interaction Does an awareness of differing types of spreadsheet errors aid end-users in identifying spreadsheets errors? 0803.0167 PDF
Cleere, G. 2004 ECDL Spreadsheets Best Practice Module
Baxter, R. 2004 End User Computer Applications – Auditability and Other Benefits Derived from a Temporal Dimension
Paine, J. 2001 Programming Languages Ensuring Spreadsheet Integrity with Model Master 0801.3690 PDF
Baxter, R. 2007 Computers and Society Enterprise Spreadsheet Management – A Necessary Good 0801.3116 PDF
Chadwick, D. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Establishing a Minimum Generic Skill Set for Risk Management Teaching in a Spreadsheet Training Course 0802.3481 PDF
Cleere, G. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction Establishing and Measuring Standard Spreadsheet Practices for End-Users 0807.2993 PDF
O’Beirne, P. 2001 Euro Conversion in Spreadsheets
Murphy, S. 2006 Software Engineering Eusprig 2006 Commercial Spreadsheet Review 0803.0015 PDF
Croll, G. J. 2003 EuSpRIG presentation at EURO/INFORMS conference 2003
Knight, B., Chadwick, D. 2002 EuSpRIG Talk: The Subversive Spreadsheet
Chadwick, D. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction EuSpRIG TEAM work: Tools, Education, Audit, Management 0806.0172 PDF
Flood, D., McDaid, K., McCaffery, F., Bishop, B. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation of an Intelligent Assistive Technology for Voice Navigation of Spreadsheets 0809.3571 PDF
Paine, J. 2005 Software Engineering Exelsior: Bringing the Benefit of Modularisation to Excel 0803.2027 PDF
Thorne, B., Ball, D. 2005 Human-Computer Interaction Exploring Human Factors in Spreadsheet Development 0803.1862 PDF
O’Beirne, P. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Facing the Facts: Overconfidence and Quality 0803.3394 PDF
Paine, J. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Fun Boy Three Were Wrong: It Is What you Do (Not the Way That You Do It) 0802.3476 PDF
Pettifor, B. 2003 Getting Spreadsheets Under Control – Practical Issues and Ideas
Cleary, P. 2000 Study proposal How Important Are Spreadsheets To Organisations? PDF
Emmett, H., Goldman, L.I. 2004 Software Engineering Identification of Logical Errors through Monte Carlo Simulation 1001.4299 PDF
Powell, S., Lawson, B., Baker, K. 2007 Computers and Society Impact of Errors in Operational Spreadsheets 0801.0715 PDF
Croll, G.J. 2008 Software Engineering In Pursuit of Spreadsheet Excellence 0806.3536 PDF
Colver, D. 2007 Software Engineering Inclusion Analysis: Finding Omission Errors 1001.4104 PDF
O’Beirne, P. 2008 Software Engineering Information and Data Quality in Spreadsheets 0809.3609 PDF
Banks, D., Monday, A. 2002 Computers and Society Interpretation as a Factor in Understanding Flawed Spreadsheets 0801.1856 PDF
Rust, A., Bishop, B., McDaid, K. 2006 Software Engineering Investigating the Potential of Test-Driven Development for Spreadsheet Engineering 0801.4802 PDF
Cleary, P., Ball, D., Thorne, S., Madahar, M., Gosling, C., Fernandez, K. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction Investigating the Use of Software Agents to Reduce the Risk of Undetected Errors in Strategic Spreadsheet Applications 0806.0189 PDF
Jennings, P. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction Issues in Strategic Decision Modelling 0804.0937 PDF
Paine, J. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction It Ain’t What You View, But The Way That You View It: Documenting Spreadsheets with Excelsior, SematicWikis, and Literate Programming 0802.3478 PDF
Buckner, D. 2007 Key Note Speaker: The Regulators View Ppt
Butler, R. 2002 Losing at Spreadseet Roulette
Saadat, S. 2007 Software Engineering Managing Linked Spreadsheets in a Compliant Environment 0805.4211 PDF
Bishop, K. 2006 Other Computer Science Managing Spreadsheet SYSTEMS & Improving Corporate Performance, Compliance and Governance 0803.0011 PDF
Hodnigg, K., Mittermeir, R.T. 2008 Software Engineering Metrics-Based Spreadsheet Visualization 0809.3009 PDF
Raffensperger, J. 2001 Human-Computer Interaction New Guidelines for Writing Spreadsheets 0807.3186 PDF
Blondel, F-M., Bruillard, E., Tort, F. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction Overview and Main Results of the DidaTab Project 0809.3612 PDF
Mittermeir, R.T., Clermont, M., Hodnigg K. 2005 Computers and Society Protecting Spreadsheets aginst Fraud 0801.4268 PDF
Bishop, K. 2005 Qtier-Rapor: Spreadsheets in Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Paine, J., Tek, E., Williamson, D. 2006 Software Engineering Rapid Spreadsheet Reshaping with Excelsior: multipledrastic changes to content and layout are easy when you represent enough structure 0803.0163 PDF
Panko, R. 2006 Software Engineering Recommended Practices for Spreadsheet Testing 0712.0109 PDF
Panko, R. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction Reducing Overconfidence in Spreadsheet Development 0804.0941 PDF
Bekenn, W., Hooper, R. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction Reducing Spreadsheet Risk with FormulaDataSleuth 0807.2997 PDF
Baxter, R. 2005 Computers and Society Regulation and the Integrity of Spreadsheets in the Information Supply Chain 0801.3678 PDF
Buckner, D. 2005 Regulatory Update Ppt
Varossieau, F., O’Neil, C., Pruis, J. 2005 Remediation Services for Excel, a Comprehensive Approach
Grossman, T., Ozluk, O. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction Research Strategy & Scoping Survey on Spreadsheet Practices 0807.3184 PDF
Panko, R.R. 2008 Software Engineering Revisiting the Panko-Halverson Taxonomy 0809.3613 PDF
Butler, R. 2000 Software Engineering Risk Assessment for Spreadsheet Developments 0805.4236 PDF
Cernauskas, D., Kumiega, A., VanVliet, B. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Risk Management for Complex Calculations: EuSpRIG Best Practices in Hybrid Applications 0803.1866 PDF
Panko, R., Ordway, N. 2005 Software Engineering Sarbanes-Oxley: What About All the Spreadsheets 0804.0797 PDF
Colver, D. 2008 Software Engineering Self-Checks In Spreadsheets: A Survey of Current Practice 1001.4107 PDF
Howard, P. 2007 Software Solutions for Spreadsheet Risk
Grossman, T. 2007 Software Engineering Source Code Protection for Applications Written in Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet 0801.4774 PDF
Moffat, M. 2008 Spreadsheet “Applications” – “Rules of Engagement”
Ettema, H., Janssen, J.,de Swart, J. 2001 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Assurance by ‘control around’ is a viable alternative to the traditional approach 0801.4775 PDF
Nixon, D., O’Hara, M. 2001 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Auditing 1001.4293 PDF
Pledger, T. 2006 Spreadsheet Compliance: Controlling the Risks and Costs
Paine, J. 2008 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Components for All 0809.3584 PDF
Ayalew, Y., Mittermeir, R. 2003 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Debugging 0801.4280 PDF
Kemmis, P., Thomas, G. 2007 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Development Methodologies using Resolver 0802.3475 PDF
Bishop, B., McDaid, K. 2008 Software Engineering Spreadsheet End-User Behaviour Analysis 0809.3587 PDF
Grossman, T. 2002 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Engineering: A Research Framework 0711.0538 PDF
Panko, R. 2000 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Errors: What We Know. What We Think We Can Do 0802.3457 PDF
Colver, D. 2004 Human-Computer Interaction Spreadsheet Good Practice: is there any such thing? 1001.3967 PDF Ppt
Murphy, S. 2007 Computers and Society Spreadsheet Hell 0801.3118 PDF
Pettifor, B. 2005 Spreadsheet Management and Remediation Framework
Ipsilandis, P.G. 2008 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Modelling for Solving Combinatorial Problems: The Vendor Selection Problem 0809.3574 PDF
Price, D. 2006 Computers and Society Spreadsheet Risk – A new direction for HMRC? 0711.4613 PDF
Cleary, P., Norris-Jones, N., Madahar, N. 2005 Spreadsheet Risk and Corporate Responsibility – are UK/EU Directors Liable?
Chadwick, D. 2002 Human-Computer Interaction Spreadsheet Risks: Training Gamble or Corporate Grumble? 0806.0182 PDF
Paine, J. 2004 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Structure Discovery with Logic Programming 0802.3940 PDF
Brath, R., Peters, M. 2006 Human-Computer Interaction Spreadsheet Validation and Analysis Through ContentVisualisation 0803.0166 PDF
Croll, G.J., Butler, R. 2006 Computers and Society Spreadsheets in Clinical Medicine 0710.0871 PDF Ppt
Alliy, M., Brown, P. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction Spreadsheets: Aiming the Accountant’s Hammer to Hit the Nail on the Head 0809.3597 PDF
Chadwick, D. 2000 General Literature Stop the Subversive Spreadsheet! 0712.2594 PDF
Weber, B. 2006 Computers and Society Strategies for Addressing Spreadsheet Compliance Challenges 0711.4634 PDF
Chadwick, D., Sue, R. 2001 Computers and Society Teaching Spreadsheet Development Using Peer Auditand Self-audit Methods for Reducing Error 0801.1514 PDF
Nash, J., Adler, A., Smith, N. 2004 Software Engineering TellTable Spreadsheet Audit: from technical possibilityto operating prototype 0803.1751 PDF
Croll, G.J. 2005 Computers and Society The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London 0709.4063 PDF Ppt
Carter, A. 2005 The Use of Spreadsheets to Enable Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Compliance
Irons, R. 2003 Human-Computer Interaction The Wall and the Ball 0804.0943 PDF
Panko, R. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Thinking is Bad: Implications of Human Error Research for Spreadsheet Research and Practice 0801.3114 PDF
Vemula, V., Ball, D., Thorne, S. 2006 Computers and Society Towards A Spreadsheet Engineering 0803.0159 PDF
Buckner, D. 2003 User Computing in Financial Regulation Ppt
Hipfl, S 2004 Human-Computer Interaction Using Layout Information for Spreadsheet Visualization 0802.3939 PDF
Gorham, C. 2003 VBA Tools for Excel 2000
Chan, H.C., Chen, Y. 2000 Human-Computer Interaction Visual Checking of Spreadsheets 0805.2189 PDF
Flood, D., McDaid, K. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Voice-controlled Debugging of Spreadsheets 0802.3483 PDF
Pryor, L. 2004 Software Engineering When, Why and How to Test Spreadsheets 0807.3187 PDF
Buckner, D. 2004 Why Banks use Spreadsheets Ppt
McGuire, K. 2007 Human-Computer Interaction Why Task-Based Training is Superior to Traditional Training Methods 0802.3480 PDF
Nash, J., Goldberg, J. 2005 Why, How and When Spreadsheet Tests Should be Used
Arakaki, G.K. 2004 XlStruct: A Tool for Building Structured Error-Resistant Spreadsheets
Dunn, A. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Automated Spreadsheet Development 0908.0928 PDF Ppt
McGeady, A., McGouran, J. 2008 Human-Computer Interaction End User Computing in AIB Capital Markets: A Management Summary 0909.2455 PDF
Allan, S. 2009 Software Engineering Excel Modelling – Transparency, Auditing and Business Use 0909.2452 PDF
Croll, G.J. 2009 Computers and Society Spreadsheets and the Financial Collapse 0908.4420 PDF PPT
Hunt, J. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction An approach for the automated risk assessment of structural differences between spreadsheets (DiffXL) 0908.3022 PDF
Glass, M., Ford, D., Dewhurst, S. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Reducing the Risk of Spreadsheet Usage – a Case Study 0908.1584 PDF
Tort, F., Blondel, F.M., Bruillard, E. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction From error detection to behaviour observation: first results from screen capture analysis 0908.1580 PDF
Flood, D., McDaid, K., McCaffery, F. 2009 Software Engineering NLP-SIR: A Natural Language Approach for Spreadsheet Information Retrieval 0908.1193 PDF
Dinmore, M. 2009 Software Engineering Documenting Problem-Solving Knowledge: Proposed Annotation Design Guidelines and their Application to Spreadsheet Tools 0908.1192 PDF
Collins, A. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Embedded Spreadsheet Modelling 0908.1191 PDF
Bradley, L., McDaid, K. 2009 Software Engineering Error Estimation in Large Spreadsheets using Bayesian Statistics 0908.1190 PDF
Vandeput., E. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Milestones for Teaching the Spreadsheet Program 0908.1189 PDF
Grossman, T.A., Ozluk, O., Gustavson, J. 2009 Software Engineering The Lookup Technique to Replace Nested-IF Formulas in Spreadsheet Programming 0908.1188 PDF
Paine, J. 2009 Software Engineering Documenting Spreadsheets with Pseudo-Code: an Exercise with Cash-Flow and Loans 0908.1187 PDF
O’Beirne, P. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Checks and Controls in Spreadsheets 0908.1186 PDF
McKeever, R., McDaid, K., Bishop, B. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Named Ranges on the Debugging Performance of Novice Users 0908.0935 PDF
Iyengar, M.S., Svirbely, J.R. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction The Medical Algorithms Project 0908.0932 PDF
Bekenn, B., Hooper, R. 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Some Spreadsheet Poka-Yoke 0908.0930 PDF
Deniz Sumengen (FRC) 2009 Human-Computer Interaction Technical Standards for Modelling PDF
Pryor, L. 2006 Software Engineering What’s the point of documentation? 1011.1021 PDF
Dunn, A. 2010 Software Engineering Spreadsheets – the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly 1009.5705 PDF
Balson, D. 2010 Human-Computer Interaction Changing User Attitudes to Reduce Spreadsheet Risk 1009.5701 PDF
Thorne, S. 2010 Software Engineering Defending the future: An MSc module in End User Computing Risk Management 1009.5698 PDF
Kohlhase, A., Kohlhase, M. 2010 Software Engineering What we understand is what we get: Assessment in Spreadsheets 1009.2797 PDF
Tort, F. 2010 Software Engineering Teaching Spreadsheets: Curriculum Design Principles 1009.2787 PDF
Aurigemma, S., Panko R. R. 2010 Software Engineering The Detection of Human Spreadsheet Errors by Humans versus Inspection (Auditing) Software 1009.2785 PDF
Rittweger, B.G., Langan. E. 2010 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Risk Management in Organisations 1009.2775 PDF
McKeever, R., McDaid, K. 2010 Software Engineering How do Range Names Hinder Novice Spreadsheet Debugging Performance? 1009.2765 PDF
O’Beirne, P. 2010 Software Engineering Spreadsheet Refactoring 1009.1412 PDF
Dewhurst, S. 2010 Software Engineering Transforming Critical Spreadsheets into Web Applications at Zurich Financial 1009.1407 PDF
Lemon, T., Ferguson. E. 2010 Software Engineering A Practical Approach to Managing Spreadsheet Risk in a Global Business 1009.1404 PDF
Grossman, T.A., Ozluk, O. 2010 Software Engineering Spreadsheets Grow Up: Three Spreadsheet Engineering Methodologies for Large Financial Planning Models 1008.4174 PDF
Croll, G.J., Baker, D.F., Lawal, O. 2010 Computers and Society Evaluating Financial Model Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Some North Sea Investments 1008.3725 PDF
Flood, D., Harrison R., McDaid K. 2011 Human-Computer Interaction Spreadsheets on the Move: An Evaluation of Mobile Spreadsheets 1112.4191 PDF
Dean Buckner (FSA) 2011 Presentation Living with Spreadsheets 1112.4191 PPT
Beckwith L., Cunha J., Fernandes J.P., Saraiva J. 2011 Human-Computer Interaction An Empirical Study on End-users Productivity Using Model-based Spreadsheets 1112.4190 PDF
Preeti K.S., Singh V., Bhatia S., Singh E.P., Gupta M.S. 2011 Software Engineering Spreadsheet on Cloud — Framework for Learning and Health Management System 1111.6917 PDF
Przasnyski Z., Leon L., Seal K.C. 2011 Software Engineering In Search of a Taxonomy for Classifying Qualitative Spreadsheet Errors 1111.6909 PDF
Grossman T.A., Mehrotra V., Sander J. 2011 Software Engineering Towards Evaluating the Quality of a Spreadsheet: The Case of the Analytical Spreadsheet Model 1111.6907 PDF
Correia J.P., Ferreira M.A. 2011 Software Engineering Requirements for Automated Assessment of Spreadsheet Maintainability 1111.6902 PDF
Hermans F., Pinzger M., Van Deursen A. 2011 Software Engineering Breviz: Visualizing Spreadsheets using Dataflow Diagrams 1111.6895 PDF
Coster N., Leon L., Kalbers L., Abraham D. 2011 Computers and Society Controls over Spreadsheets for Financial Reporting in Practice 1111.6887 PDF
Baglietto P., Fornasa M., Mangiante S., Maresca M., Parodi A., Stecca M. 2011 Software Engineering A Platform for Spreadsheet Composition 1111.6884 PDF
Kulesz D. 2011 Software Engineering From Good Practices to Effective Policies for Preventing Errors in Spreadsheets 1111.6878 PDF
McKeever R., McDaid K. 2011 Software Engineering Effect of Range Naming Conventions on Reliability and Development Time for Simple Spreadsheet Formulas 1111.6872 PDF
Guthrie G., McCrory S. 2011 Software Engineering Beyond The Desktop Spreadsheet 1111.6870 PDF
McDaid K., MacRuairi R., Clynch N., Logue K., Clancy C., Hayes S. 2011 Software Engineering Spreadsheets in Financial Departments: An Automated Analysis of 65,000 Spreadsheets using the Luminous Technology 1111.6866 PDF
Bekenn B., Hooper R. 2011 Software Engineering Workbook Structure Analysis – “Coping with the Imperfect” 1111.6858 PDF
Wu N. 2011 Software Engineering Leveraging User Profile and Behaviour to Design Practical Spreadsheet Controls for the Finance Function 1111.5007 PDF
Colver D. 2011 Software Engineering Drivers of the Cost of Spreadsheet Audit 1111.5002 PDF
Croll G.J. 2011 Computers and Society An Insight into Spreadsheet User Behaviour through an Analysis of EuSpRIG Website Statistics 1111.4692 PDF
Kerr C.A. 2012 Software Engineering Hands-Off Spreadsheets 1210.5262 PDF
Hands-Off spreadsheets, Colin Kerr
Allen S. 2012 Software Engineering On the Interpretation of Spreadsheets within their Environment 1209.3518 PDF
Hermans F., Pinzger M., van Deursen A. 2012 Software Engineering Measuring Spreadsheet Formula Understandability 1209.3517 PDF
Croll G.J. 2012 Computers and Society Spreadsheets and Long Term Corporate Survival 1207.1921 PDF
Spreadsheets and Long Term Corporate Survival, Grenville Croll
Kulesz D., Zitzelsberger S. 2012 Software Engineering Investigating Effects of Common Spreadsheet Design Practices on Correctness and Maintainability 1211.7104 PDF
Effect of practices on correctness, Daniel Kulesz
Ferreira M.A., Visser J. 2012 Software Engineering Governance of Spreadsheets through Spreadsheet Change Reviews 1211.7100 PDF
Tyszkiewicz J., Balson D. 2012 Software Engineering User Defined Spreadsheet Functions in Excel 1211.6781 PDF
User Defined Spreadsheet Functions in Excel, Balson & Tyszkiewicz


Jothi Philip (FSA) 2012 Spreadsheet use in Solvency II Internal Models PDF
Allen S. 2013 Human-Computer Interaction Spatial Modelling Techniques in Microsoft Excel 1401.7821 PDF
Vlootman H., Hermans F. 2013 Software Engineering A Maintainability Checklist for Spreadsheets 1401.7814 PDF
Hawkins T., Lemon A., Gibson A. 2013 Software Engineering Introducing Morphit, a new type of spreadsheet technology 1401.7799 PDF
O’Beirne P. 2013 Software Engineering Excel 2013 Spreadsheet Inquire 1401.7586 PDF
Kohlhase M., Prodescu C., Liguda C. 2013 Databases XLSearch: A Search Engine for Spreadsheets 1401.7584 PDF
Kulesz D, Ostberg J-P. 2013 Software Engineering Practical Challenges with Spreadsheet Auditing Tools 1401.7583 PDF
Birch D., Liang H., Kelly P.H.J., Mullineux G., Field T., Ko J., Simondetti A. 2013 Software Engineering Multidisciplinary Engineering Models: Methodology and Case Study in Spreadsheet Analytics 1401.4582 PDF
Thorne S. 2013 Software Engineering The Misuse of Spreadsheets in the Nuclear Fuel Industry: The Falsification of Safety Critical Data Using Spreadsheets at British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) IGI Global
Csernoch M., Biró P. 2015 Software Engineering Problem Solving in Sprego 1603.02262 PDF
Schalkwijk S., Hermans F., van der Ven M., Duits H. 2015 Software Engineering Auditing spreadsheets: With or without a tool? 1603.02261 PDF Presentation
Mireault P. 2015 Software Engineering Developing a Repeating Model Using the Structured Spreadsheet Modelling and Implementation Methodology 1602.06453 PDF Presentation
Shubbak M.H., Thorne S. 2015 Software Engineering Development and Experimentation of a Software Tool for Identifying High Risk Spreadsheets for Auditing 1602.05231 PDF
Panko R. 2015 Software Engineering What We Don’t Know About Spreadsheet Errors Today: The Facts, Why We Don’t Believe Them, and What We Need to Do 1602.02601 PDF
Rickard Wärnelid (Corality) 2015 Case Study Standardizing Infrastructure Analysis PDF
Patrick O’Beirne 2015 Presentation Use of VBA in the Enron Corpus PDF
David McKee 2015 Presentation Making spreadsheets machine-readable PDF
Reschenhofer T., Waltl B., Shumaiev K., Matthes F. 2016 Software Engineering A Conceptual Model for Measuring the Complexity of Spreadsheets 1704.01147 PDF
Bartholomew P. 2016 Software Engineering A Structured Approach to the development of Solutions in Excel 1704.01142 PDF
Mireault P. 2016 Software Engineering Characteristics of Spreadsheets Developed with the SSMI Methodology 1704.01136 PDF
Csernoch M., Biró P. 2016 Computers and Society Teaching methods are erroneous: approaches which lead to erroneous end-user computing 1704.01130 PDF Presentation
AlTarawneh G., Thorne S. 2016 Computers and Society A Pilot Study Exploring Spreadsheet Risk in Scientific Research 1703.09785 PDF
Mason S. 2017 Computers and Society English law presumes spreadsheets are correct Presentation
Litt S. 2018 Software Engineering Mitigating Spreadsheet Risk in Complex Multi-Dimensional Models in Excel 1802.01640 PDF
HatmakerC. 2018 Software Engineering Proposed Spreadsheet Transparency Definition and Measures 1802.01628 PDF
Csernoch M., Biró P. 2018 Computers and Society Edu-Edition Spreadsheet Competency Framework 1802.00496 PDF
Grossman T. A., Mehrotra V., Sidaoui M. 2018 Software Engineering Alternative Spreadsheet Model Designs for an Operations Management Model Embedded in a Periodic Business Process 1802.00484 PDF
Croll G. J. 2018 Human-Computer Interaction The Reification of an Incorrect and Inappropriate Spreadsheet Model 1801.10249 PDF
Birch D., Lyford-Smith D., Guo Y. 2018 Computers and Society The Future of Spreadsheets in the Big Data Era 1801.10231 PDF
Mireault P. 2018 Software Engineering Structured Spreadsheet Modelling and Implementation with Multiple Dimensions – Part 1: Modelling 1801.09777 PDF
Beavers O. 2018 Software Engineering Mitigating Spreadsheet Model Risk with Python Open Source Infrastructure 1801.09771 PDF
Hall A., Wermelinger M., Hirst T., Phithakkitnukoon S. 2018 Software Engineering Structuring Spreadsheets with the “Lish” Data Model 1801.08603 PDF
Thorne S. 2018 Computers and Society The Role of Spreadsheets in Clinical Decision Support: A Survey of the Medical Algorithms Company User Community 1801.07782 PDF
Bjoern 2018 Git and Excel PPT
Thorne S., Hancock J. 2019 Computers and Society A Case Study of Spreadsheet Use within the Finance and Academic Registry units within a Higher Education Institution 1909.07462 PDF
Mireault, P. 2019 Software Engineering Structured Spreadsheet Modelling and Implementation with Multiple Dimensions — Part 2: Implementation 1909.00891 PDF PDF
Csernoch M., Biró, P. 2019 Human Computer Interaction Are digital natives spreadsheet natives? 1909.00865 PDF PPT
Turner, R. 2019 Human Computer Interaction Defining and Adopting an End User Computing Policy: A Case Study 1909.00855 PDF PPT
Bartholomew, P. 2019 Software Engineering Will Dynamic Arrays finally change the way Models are built? Bartholomew EuSpRIG 2019
Khwima Mckinley Mkamanga, Simon Thorne, Cardiff Metropolitan University 2022 Software Engineering Exploring Spreadsheet Use and Practices in Technologically Constrained Setting Abstract PDF
Simon Hurst 2021 Software Engineering Should the Power Query tools change our approach to spreadsheet risk PDF Video (44:55)
Tom Grossman, Vijay Mehrotra 2023 Software Engineering A Use Case-Engineering Resources Taxonomy for Analytical Spreadsheet Models arXiv:2309.00104 [cs.SE] PDF
Maria Csernoch, Julia Csernoch 2023 Computers and Society How Beaufort, Neumann, and Gates met? Subject integration with spreadsheeting arXiv:2309.12353 [cs.SE] PDF
Craig Hatmaker 2023 Software Engineering Reducing Errors in Excel Models with Component-Based Software Engineering arXiv:2309.00650 [cs.SE] PDF
Peter Bartholomew 2023 Software Engineering Excel as a Turing-complete Functional Programming Environment arXiv:2309.00115 [cs.SE] PDF Presentation
Patrick O’Beirne 2023 Software Engineering ChatGPT and Excel – trust, but verify arXiv:2309.00120 [cs.SE] PDF Presentation
Simon Thorne 2023 Software Engineering Experimenting with ChatGPT3 for Spreadsheet Formulae Generation: The Risks of AI Generated Spreadsheets arXiv:2309.00095 [cs.SE] PDF