EuSpRIG Annual Conference

EuSpRIG: The World’s Leading Spreadsheet Risk Management Conference

The European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group Conferences are back!

Thursday, July 6th 2023 – The Foundling Museum, London.

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What are the Benefits of Attending the EuSpRIG Conference?

  • EuSpRIG is the only accessible source of relevant information on the subject
  • EuSpRIG attracts international expert speakers on the subject
  • EuSpRIG mixes academic and commercial interests, making us both forward looking & practical
  • EuSpRIG information is valuable ammunition in the battle to get the spreadsheet risks issue taken seriously within your organisation
  • EuSpRIG’s ideas are practical and implementable
  • EuSpRIG can demonstrate a track record of success
  • EuSpRIG is the only conference in its field that that you need to attend
  • EuSpRIG offers an opportunity to meet the regulator
  • EuSpRIG is an excellent forum for social & business networking
  • EuSpRIG provides a useful forum for earning CPD credits

We guarantee you’ll learn something useful if you come

Why Do People Attend The EuSpRIG Conference?

Comments from delegates attending the EuSpRIG 2011 conference were asked the question “Why are we here?”. All responses are reproduced below, unmodified and in order of receipt. Delegates could see each previous response on the questionnaire that was passed around. Dots represent unreadable.

  • I ask this question every day
  • To understand the almost impossible
  • To live and love with spreadsheets
  • Information, …, learning in -> commercial connections out
  • Find users of new risk-free technology
  • To understand the core issues of Spreadsheet Risk
  • To publish research
  • Paper has been accepted
  • To understand more about the dangers and how to minimise them
  • Update
  • To solve life’s great question:
    B2 or not B2
    =OR(B2, NOT(B2))
  • To get some feedback and see what the others are doing
  • To expand my understanding of the range of problems associated with modelling and model construction
  • To discover evil practices
  • Ideas with commercial potential, networking
  • Engaged in many consultancy projects involving spreadsheet systems. Would like to see what methodologies are used to aid these problems
  • 1) To show that we have a (possibly) unique take on spreadsheet layout/good practice & to share that knowledge 2) To network and gain contacts 3) To listen to what else is going on
  • To motivate the Spreadsheet Risk community to participate in the creation of a fully functional spreadsheet corpus for research and […]
  • Because its fun! Also because the world needs us…
  • To present my research, get some feedback and to know about real problems companies have.
  • To present research work, get feedback, share & collaborate. Network & build business partnerships
  • To learn more about the gaps between academic spreadsheet research and professional reality
  • To hear the above stories & to look for another job ?
  • Because I want to talk to people who understand why I get excited when I get my spreadsheets to work. Beats being in the office!
  • I got on the wrong train at London Bridge. I was meant to be in New York

How Can I Sponsor the Conference?

You can contact Patrick O’Beirne here