David Chadwick Student Prize

(Formerly the EuSpRIG/ISACA Student Prize)

EuSpRIG in association with ISACA (Northern UK Chapter) has arranged for the creation of an annual prize to be awarded for the best EuSpRIG conference paper submitted by an undergraduate or masters postgraduate student. The David Chadwick Student Prize is a cheque for 200 euros accompanied by a formal certificate signed by the Chairperson of EuSpRIG and the Chairperson of ISACA(Northern UK Chapter).

The paper must be a shortened form of a formal college project which, in itself, required a minimum 50 student hours with a maximum 5 hours of supervisor contact time. The student must undertake to attend the EuSpRIG conference to present their paper in person and to be formally awarded with their prize. Agreement must be given to permit publication of the said paper in the EuSpRIG conference proceedings, EuSpRIG website, ISACA website and any formal publication of ISACA.

Previous Winners

Year Name Paper Title
2011 Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger, Arie van Deursen Breviz: Visualizing Spreadsheets using Dataflow Diagrams
2010 Ruth McKeever How do Range Names Hinder Novice Spreadsheet Debugging Performance?
2009 Ruth McKeever, Brian Bishop An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Named Ranges on the Debugging Performance of Novice Users
2006 Alan Rust, Brian Bishop Investigating the Potential of Test-Driven Development for Spreadsheet Engineering
2004 Dr Simon Thorne A Novel Approach to Formulae Production and Overconfidence Measurement to Reduce Risk in Spreadsheet Modelling